Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage incorporates deep tissue or Swedish massage and stretches in order to increase your flexibility, range of motion, and body’s performance. It was originally designed to allow athletes to recover, prevent injury, increase performance or prepare for an upcoming event. Our massage therapists that perform sports massage understand athletic related injuries, which allows them to provide a more effective treatment.

Sports massage can be used for various reasons. Deciding on which one is based upon your level of discomfort and the timing related to your athletic event.

  • Pre-event sports massage uses Swedish massage to target the muscles that are being used for an upcoming athletic event. It allows for increased blood circulation and energy levels.
  • Post-event sports massage allows you to recover after intense physical exertion from an athletic event. Muscles are worked on to help relax muscle tissue and prevent the onset of muscle stiffness the following day.
  • Restorative sports massage is used while you are still training for your athletic event to keep you at your peak performance. It is used to help reduce your risk of injury by keeping the muscles relaxed and warmed.
  • Rehabilitative sports massage is used to help treat injuries and quicken recovery time. Focusing on an injury area allows for increased blood circulation to promote healing and maintain range of motion.

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