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Whole Body Cryotherapy

At our facility we utilize cryotherapy to help with pain, muscles spasms and a multitude of other issues. The use of this cold treatment helps to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, accelerate the body’s recovery naturally and improve energy levels.  For those that are suffering from a soft tissue injury or are experiencing muscle spasms, cryotherapy can be effective in reducing swelling and improving recovery.

RPL Personal Solutions located within Wrightstown Health and Fitness provides this service to add to your overall chiropractic treatment and wellness program.  A TITAN CryoCabin is utilized for whole body cryotherapy.  This is a completely dry, noninvasive, hyper-cooling process that can lower a person’s skin temperature by 30ºF during a session of up to 180 seconds.  Your head and arms are kept above the action, while your body is enveloped by hyper cold air pulsating at temperatures below -170ºF.

During a whole body cryotherapy session, blood rushes to and through your core as a reaction to the skin sensing extreme freezing temperatures.  This natural defense mechanism is intended to protect the vital organs, as your brain thinks you are going into hypothermia.  However, in the controlled setting of a cryotherapy session, the effect is increased oxygenation and nutrient exchanges while flushing toxins, which aids in reducing inflammation and accelerating the body’s natural recovery processes.

Cryotherapy became a recognized treatment technology, widely used in Europe. Over the past decade or so, it has gained worldwide popularity in sports performance enhancement and the treatment of chronic inflammation.

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