Different Types of Massage Therapy

Our chiropractic office can provide a number of various massage types that can help complement and enhance your overall chiropractic adjustment.

Deep Tissue Massage – This massage type focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. The massage therapist warms the tissue before slowly working deeper into the muscle tissue to break up muscle adhesions and knots. Click Here for more information on deep tissue massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – This massage type helps to reduce muscle swelling, increase blood flow and supports proper function of the lymphatic system. Click Here for more information on lymphatic drainage massage.

Relaxation Massage – This massage type is gentle, less intense, and performed to provide relaxation for your body. The therapist gently works the superficial layers of the muscle tissue to increase relaxation Click Here for more information on relaxation massage.

Swedish Massage – This massage type is light and superficial. Its purpose is to increase blood circulation and release toxins that are in the muscle. The outcome is for more oxygenated blood flow into the muscles, enhancing your body’s healing and energy levels. Click Here for more information on Swedish massage.

Hot Stone Massage – This massage type utilizes heated stones placed in specific spots on the body to improve circulation and relax muscles. It can be combined with other various massage types. Click Here for more information on hot stone massage.

Sports Massage – This massage type uses firm pressure and deep strokes to work on deeper muscle as well as connective tissues. Stretches are added as well to help increase flexibility, range of motion, and prevent injuries. Specifically designed for injury prevention for athletic activity. Click Here for more information on sports massage.

Thai Massage – This massage type is traditionally performed fully clothed on a padded mat, but can be performed on the table. Patients wear loose and comfortable clothing to facilitate the assisted movements, stretches and compressions. The massage therapist uses their forearms, elbows, knees and feet to increase flexibility and better postural alignment. Can be added in combination with other massage types upon request. Click Here for more information on Thai massage.

Pregnancy Massage – A massage type where the expected mother is bolstered and positioned to ensure her comfort. Utilizing massage helps to reduce pregnancy swelling as well as stress on feet, ankles, lower back and neck. We only perform pregnancy massage after the first trimester. Click Here for more information on pregnancy massage.

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