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Pain and Fitness Programs

During my years in practice in Newtown, PA I have come to learn adjusting a bone or bones into better alignment alone isn’t enough to keep the bones in place. I teach my patients the importance of fitness and conditioning the muscles in that area, in hopes to prevent the bones from moving back into the position that caused the pain.

So what causes the joints to move? In general, we are either right or left side dominant, causing us to favor one side over the other during our daily activities. Over time, these tendencies cause the muscle group on one side of the bone to become stronger and one side to become weaker. When this happens, these imbalances cause the joint to move and distort causing the nerve to become exposed and pain usually ensues soon after. Based on these effects, I developed a series of programs designed to improve joint function and performance.

Pain to Function Program – A program designed for those patients in extreme pain. These patients have a high degree of difficulty completing their everyday activities. These patients typically have difficulty walking or moving a certain part of their body, usually associated with chronic joint, nerve or disc discomfort. With this program I incorporate not only chiropractic care, but also, physiotherapy and rehabilitation before and after their adjustment, which I have found to be the most effective in reducing pain intensity, frequency and duration. Upon completion of this program, the patient will likely stabilize, pain will decrease significantly and now the focus becomes on strengthening the injured area.

Function to Fit – This program is designed more for the patient with a lesser degree of pain. Their overall function and performance is affected through their daily activities, but the pain is not as debilitating as in the Pain to Function program.However, their pain tends to linger, varying in intensity and duration. This patient is typically on the verge of a significant injury unless the area is addressed. Great focus on identifying the cause of the pain is emphasized here and figuring out a long term solution. In this program, I incorporate chiropractic care, along with massage therapy, physical rehabilitation with focus on core muscle strengthening.

Fit to Shape – The final program is designed for the patient with minor clinical findings and relatively little or no pain. This primary goal for the patient is to enhance their overall performance, while tightening up some of their weaknesses. This program includes counsel from a nutritionist, massage, chiropractic care and personal training.

The program that best fits each patient is decided after I perform my examination. The findings are then discussed between the patient and I. The duration of each program is One Month. The cost of each program varies, but the services are at reduced rates. For those of you with insurance, some of your services may be covered.

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